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Poczta Polska is the National Postal Operator and the largest employer in Poland, which employs almost 80,000 employees.


In the pre-Christmas period, when shipping parcels and letters increase significantly, Poczta Polska faced the challenge of employing new employees. The immediate goal of increased recruitment needs was the need to service more customers and increased distribution.

The purpose of the cooperation between ITHouse and NMS Agency was therefore to create an appropriate image of the employer to attract new employees. The campaign was planned for the pre-Christmas period, which was an additional challenge due to the limited time and absorption of potential employees by preparing for the holidays. Despite this, Poczta Polska needed immediate support for its existing employees.


Specialists from ITHouse and NMSAgency prepared a comprehensive, holiday recruitment campaign, which also built a positive image of the employer. The scale of the undertaking required the development of a coherent communication strategy and careful selection of communication channels, such as social media or reach services. IThouse specialists have prepared a recruitment website by the latest UX standards and synchronized with the internal application system. Whereas NMS Agency has prepared a creative concept that uses many channels to reach potential employees. Thanks to campaign support, the client managed to employ 4,000 people at that time, which was the success of our activities.



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Poczta Polska is one of the largest employers in Poland and the image of the company is really important for us. For this reason, we always carefully choose partners who create our campaigns. ITHouse and NMSAgency provided us with the highest quality services and helped us with the challenge of seasonal recruitment. The whole team was extremely involved and responsive. Thanks to the ongoing optimization of operations and a well-thought-out strategy, we were able to attract over 4,000 new employees.


Mariola Staniewska (Malarczyk)

Recruitment and Competence Research Department

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