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The National Library is a cultural institution that provides access to books, articles, manuscripts and magazines published in Poland. Her activity is primarily focused on the loan of books and research in the field of librarianship.


The main goal of the project was to implement a nationwide IT system offering one access point to the collections of Polish libraries and the current offer of the publishing market in Poland. Therefore, an integrated OMNIS search engine, POLONA cloud computing library and e-ISBN publishing repository were created. During one of the stages, it turned out that the National Library needed specialists who would be able to complete the project due to its complexity.


As part of the cooperation, we provided services and built a team of front-end developers and back-end developers, whose goal was to complete the work of one of the project stages. The Omnis search engine system enables over 350,000 registered users to access over 9 million national and university library resources. Thanks to Omnis, you can search full-text in all current and archived editions of books, articles, manuscripts and magazines published in Poland.



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ItHouse Sp. z o.o. implemented the project under contract UM/2019/00167 with the National Library. The contract was completed on time and with due diligence.

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