C.H. Robinson

About company

C .H. Robinson is a leading global provider of supply chain solutions based on forwarding services. In Poland, the company offers road, sea and air freight forwarding services as well as specialist transport in tankers and silos as well as for the automotive industry. Moreover, C.H. offices Robinson provides supply chain consultancy and provides innovative technological solutions, including the Navisphere® platform, the TMS transport management system and the use of Big Data.


The purpose of cooperation between C.H. Robinson, and NMS Agency and the partner company (Ithouse) was to create the Career website, which aims to build a positive image of the employer. The Career page is part of a long-term strategy for attracting new employees to the IT department.


ITHouse specialists have prepared a recruitment site by the latest UX standards. Whereas NMS Agency has prepared a comprehensive creative concept for the site.

The experience of ITHouse and NMS Agency specialists, who often participate in the recruitment of IT specialists, was of great importance for the quality of the project. Additionally, based on experience in the implementation of recruitment campaigns and the production of career websites for many companies, a simple job search engine with an easy application module was used. The content video has been embedded so that the user can find the most important information in a friendly manner. The website has been designed for full functionality in mobile browsers.



Project scope

Front-end Development

Back-end Development




C.H. Robinson has over 45 offices in Europe and employs over 500 people in Poland, including a significant group of IT specialists.

In our global technology platform, we have as many as 5 million webs and mobile interactions with users every month. Our demand for IT professionals who develop and maintain our technology platform for supply chain management is therefore large. What counts for us is the high level of competence of our specialists. NMS Agency perfectly understood our needs, offering a proven set of tools effective in the process of acquiring talent from the IT industry.  The added value in cooperation with NMS Agency was the agency’s experience in recruitment in the IT industry and excellent knowledge of technology. Therefore, the cooperation was effective and the quality of the final product, i.e. the Career website, was in line with our expectations.

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