IT is our passion

IT House is composed of IT enthusiasts. This allows us to offer the most modern solutions on the market tailored to the needs of our customers. With us you can be sure of quality of services provided.

What We do

Web Development

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The best IT specialists under one roof

We believe that the combination of knowledge and passion is a recipe for success. Thanks to the selection of competences, we
choose appropriate IT specialists for the projects commissioned to us.

For the Candidate

We create a harmonious team and give a wide opportunities for development. At IT House you will realize your passions in a pleasant atmosphere, among inspiring and creative people.

 Do you want to create software from start to finish and learn new technologies all the time? Check us out!

For Business

We create teams of people who are passionate about technology and who put their hearts and minds into the implementation of commissioned projects.

We offer tailor-made solutions for large, of medium and small  businesses. Contact us, and we will propose a suitable solution for you!

What problems do we solve ?

  • We relieve small businesses that do not have recruitment and employer branding departments. Outsourcing allows the elimination of permanent costs related to the employment of persons on a full-time basis.
  • At different levels of project implementation, the company may need different specialists who are familiar with different technologies. Cooperation with us allows for flexible use of resources. You can also combine outsourcing with our internal IT department.
  • In small companies it is not always possible to employ specialists in all technologies. We solve the problem of small startups that do not have a permanent team, or it is very small. Working with us, they can hire the whole team to create their product.
  • Outsourcing is a very good starter solution. Our client saves time and money because he/she doesn’t have to hire people to the HR department, worry about recruitment costs and staffing duties. When you start a business, it’s priceless. You gain cost flexibility and save time.
  • We help you when your project needs experienced specialists, and the full-time employment is not profitable or possible, and when different technical competences are needed at different stages of the project.
  • By cooperating with us you can select experts according to your competence needs at a given stage of the project. This allows you to optimize your budget and gain the flexibility of your project team and better manage it. You have access to experienced specialists who are familiar with the latest technologies, and you also reduce your recruitment costs.
  • Hiring full-time specialists is a fixed cost. Thanks to outsourcing you gain flexibility of resources. You can use this solution to gain access to people who know the latest technologies.
  • The advantage of outsourcing is cost reduction. You save time and money spent on recruitment. You don’t have to develop your own HR department, incur personnel costs, holiday or administration costs.
  • Try&Hire is a model that gives great flexibility in cooperation as it reduces the risk of unsuccessful recruitment. You gain the opportunity to try out a specialist you will work with.
  • We are a good partner for large corporations because of our speed of reaction, flexibility in adapting to customer requirements and providing the right competencies for IT departments.
  • When the HR procedures of large companies do not allow you to hire a specialist quickly, or the HR department does not have a budget, you can take advantage of outsourcing because the cost of our services is included in your IT budget.
  • We solve the problem of providing resources without using the HR budget. Our specialists form committed teams with in-house employees and perfectly complement their competencies.
  • Outsourcing increases resource flexibility. The Client does not incur fixed costs related to the employment of a specialist.
  • Cooperation with a financially stable partner, such as IT House, guarantees security and continuity in project implementation. You can optimize your HR and administration expenses.
  • We provide consultants in a situation where your team are specialists working in a specific technological area, and there is a need for support in a project in a technology that will be used only once.



Orange Poland

ITHouse supports the Digital and Performance Marketing department in carrying out works related to the digitalization of Orange products.


UI/UX Design

web-programming (1)

Frontend Development

The technology used:


“We want to attract talents and that’s why we decided to create a career site that not only allows candidates to easily find the right job offer, but also shows our company from the inside.


UI/UX Design

web-programming (1)

Frontend Development

The technology used:

Why it is worth it?

Do you need to implement an IT project? Your team of specialists is too busy, and you want to provide support? Or maybe you have problems recruiting IT specialists? We’ll help you with any of these situations! Our solutions are tailor-made for small, medium and large companies. We create harmonious teams that want to grow, and customers gain talented partners who are involved in every project!



positively assesses their relations with the outsourcing company



of companies intend to outsource more services in the coming years



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of IT services were outsourced in 2017

Technologies in which we specialize

IT House exists since 2016. We’ve come a long way through this time. We built a strong and experienced team of professionals. We specialize in working with a variety of methodologies. We are familiar with the latest technologies and for each project we choose tools that give our partners a guarantee of project execution, safety, scalability and further development.

Thanks to our know-how we are able to comprehensively implement even the most demanding projects.
















Ruby on Rails




Meet Our Team

Aleksander Banach


8 years of experience in recruiting IT specialists, 15 years of experience in selling services and products, 10 years in digital marketing and 2 years in employer branding. The founder of the ITHouse and NMS Agency. But that's not all!

Previously, he gained experience in companies such as Citibank and Agora. He introduced an innovative solution similar to Google Analytics to the Polish Internet advertising market and participated in the creation of and the outsourcing company Team Connect. This wide experience makes him understand the problems of both corporations and small businesses. In his free time, he is a proud dad and a very active person. He practices crossfit, runs marathons and is a fan of wakeboarding or kitesurfing.

Elżbieta Zielińska

Office Manager

5 years of experience as an office manager and over 6500 completed tasks for clients. Her knowledge is so wide that she now shares it on her blog. She knows project management software very well.

Quickly, efficiently and extremely professionally performs even the most difficult tasks. At ITHouse, she performs administrative and human resources work. She is also often our special agent. If you want to meet Ela, you should also know that she swallows books about personal development and can play the keyboard.

Karolina Toman

Office Assistant

Karolina has over 6 years of experience as an Office Manager, which she gained in a recognized software-house. She specializes in the human resources and administration, as well as coordination of offer and tender processes with multi-million budgets. At IThouse, she will use her competencies to support administrative and HR activities.

In her free time, she devotes herself to personal development, in particular learning SQL and databases, as well as learning Chinese. She is an enthusiast of mountaineering and rock climbing.

Katarzyna Bilańska

IT Recruitment Coordinator

She has experience in conducting IT recruitment for foreign entities and in human resources management. She is responsible for HR coordination activities and recruitment for technical jobs.

You'll be able to meet her at a recruitment interview or onboarding. In her free time, Kasia reads economic and HR books. You can also talk to her about horseback riding, which she is passionate about.

Magdalena Sobieska

Junior Consultant IT

She gained experience in recruitment both in the internal HR department in one of the largest financial companies in the country and working for foreign clients in a recruitment agency. In IThouse she is responsible for recruitment to the technical positions.

Magda spends most of her free time actively. Her greatest satisfaction is getting to know new techniques of dance, and she like ride a bike around the city the most.

Agnieszka Stępniak

Social Media Manager

She has been involved in social media since the beginning of her career. She ran fanpages and advertising campaigns for companies such as Fujitsu, Infosys, Herbapol, TNT or BNP Paribas.

Together with ITHouse, she has been supporting our clients' social media activities for a year and a half.In her spare time, she will be happy to talk to you about traveling. She's certainly already planning a trip to another continent.

Michał Zaorski

SEM Specialist

For the past three years he has specialized in Google Ads. For two years he was involved in recruitment in the IT industry. He ran campaigns in search engines for TNT,, Vanfleet and implemented projects.

Sabina Irzyk

Marketing Specialist

She gained her first professional experience as a journalist of the American Football team, but the marketing sector has become interesting for her. After over 6 years, she successfully implements marketing strategies for global companies.

Sabina worked on marketing activities for clients from the USA, Great Britain or Scandinavian countries. In her free time, she likes to read interpersonal psychology books, go trekking and play the ukulele.

Katarzyna Banach

Graphic Designer

Has 6 years of experience in graphic design, gained mainly in the UK. At first, she worked in packaging graphics agencies, but her interests went towards digital and e-commerce. Her passion is branding and website design. Kasia worked for such brands Reckitt Benckiser (Air Wick, Veet, Finish), Heinz, Pudliszki.

Ania Pawełko

Business Relationship Manager

A graduate of the Technische Universitat in Berlin and the Poznań Technical University. She took her first business steps in high school, working in the IT industry, where she dealt with cooperation with Startup companies in the field of investment and development.

During her professional career, she has participated in many projects in the clinical research industry. Currently, Ania is involved in the management and planning of production processes on the European market and sales in the field of business development. She is passionate about an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her huge passion is yoga (certified YogaBeat's instructor) and surfing.

Piotr Jabłoński

Project Manager

For over 10 years he has been supporting companies in the area of ​​recruitment (IT & Digital Media), Executive Outplacement programs and the implementation of effective Employer Branding strategies (career pages, recruitment campaigns, interactive creations).

Founder and career consultant at the Career & CV Experts company, where since 2012 he has been cooperating with managers and specialists, whom he helps in returning to the labour market and implementing complex professional changes. This work allows him to constantly meet inspiring people and allows him to look at the labour market, also from the perspective of the candidate (Candidate Experience). The values ​​he follows are quality, partnership, respect, open and direct communication. Author of over 100 HR articles. His statements and expert articles were published, among others in TVN, Radio Zet, Polskie Radio, The Observer, WP.PL. In his free time, he explores the secrets of programming (front-end), plays electronic music, and gets the best ideas during walks with the dog.

Kinga Woszczek

UX Designer

Kinga has over 3 years of professional experience, including 1.5 years working as a UX Designer. For over a year, she has been implementing projects related to the Nju mobile and Orange brands.

She started her professional career in marketing, but she decided to develop her skills in designing user experiences. Kinga completed post-graduate studies at SWPS in the field of "User Experience Design" and she is still looking for new areas for development. After work, you can meet her on the dance floor - she belongs to the female Latino formation, which has made many successes.

Iwona Janiak

Frontend Developer

She used to deal with clothing trade, but she devoted the last 2 years to programming. What she once tried to show in the real world today she shows in the virtual world. She is specialized in technologies such as: WordPress CMS, React JS, pure JS.

She creates websites for business and has worked for companies such as Orange, Peugeot, Citroen, Havas, Bakoma and Lotos. She used to count the pieces of merchandize, today she counts the lines of the code she will write. She divides her free time between two desks, one with a big screen and a computer, the other with a sewing machine. Aside from work, she likes to read fantasy books, has two striped cats and loves to form Ficus Benjamina trees in different patterns.

Maciej Głowacki

Frontend Developer

For two and a half years he worked as a front-end developer in a marketing agency. She has Rich Media HTML5 Studio Certification, Studio Certified in YouTube Mastheads and Studio Certified in Custom Lightbox Ads.

In our company he cooperates with Orange in the department of online communication personalization and AI as a front-end and javascript developer. In his spare time, he has recently been producing casual browser games. He also knows how to compose books and is into photography. You will also be surprised by his hobby, which is bonsai trees.

Jacek Podwysocki

Frontend Developer

He has 7 years of commercial experience as a programmer in the areas of front-end, back-end and as a full-stack developer. At that time, he carried out programming and design projects for web applications architecture for retail clients, creative agencies as well as corporations such as Getin Noble Bank and recently also Orange Polska.

He is a graduate of multimedia studies in Denmark and has a master's degree in computer science from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. After work, he devotes himself to sport in many scenes, wooden aviation modelling and film music.

Łukasz Szczutowski

Frontend Developer

20 years of experience: 15 years in the IT industry for large companies and 12 years of self-employment. He loved computers in elementary school and was happy to modify them, today he also knows them from the hardware side. His adventure with programming began in high school, which quickly turned into his first assignments.

He started from the HTML and CSS, later it consistently switched to JavaScript and PHP. He quickly expanded his competences and learned from the lining of back-end, front-end and operation of linux servers.Lukas is constantly developing and currently exploring the secrets: JS - React and PHP - Laravel. As he says, he loves what he does and would not change this job to any other. Privately, he is a happy husband and father of three daughters. In his spare time, you will talk to him about computers, games, drones and photography. Lukas can always recommend a good audiobook or book.

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